Affordable Colourpop Blushes and Highlight, My New Favorites!

I am in love with Colourpop cheek products. I am running away with these and eloping. They look so natural and they stay on ALL DAY. I couldn’t even get the Tarte 12 hour Amazonian clay blushes to do that on me. 

From left to right is : Between The Sheets, Stole The Show and Holiday.

Stole The Show  is a white, cream highlighter with pink, silver and gold shimmer. To be honest this feels a little greasy, like I’m rubbing shortening on my face, but it’s so pretty that I really don’t mind. It is very buildable. With one thin layer it looked like a fresh from yoga, lit from within kind of glow and you can build it up to a nice shimmery highlight. I put translucent powder over top to see if this would show through and it really did, as well as looking quite subtle and natural. After I powdered I decided subtle was not enough glow and surprisingly I was able to use my finger and put this over top of my powder as well without my powder bunching up. Colour me impressed! (Pun intended)

Stole The Show Contains 4.2 grams of product and costs $8.00 USD.

Holiday is a matte, cream to powder, bright pinky peach blush. This gives you a youthful, sunkissed blush that looks like you just got back from vacation. It is very natural if you use a light hand. I swirled the “butt” of my beauty blender in the product and pounced it on the apples of my cheeks. (So easy!) You could totally use a brush and apply it just like a powder blush or even your fingers. It is so easy to work with. 

Holiday Contains 4.2 grams of product and costs $8.00 USD.


Saving the best for last, this is my new baby, Between The Sheets. This is so natural it doesn’t even look like makeup. It is a cream to powder, matte, beige pink. It starts out very sheer making it easily buildable and amazing to work with. I use my beauty blender for this as well. After I dusted a little translucent powder over top it took away a little of the color so I tried using a brush and sweeping it on the apples of my cheeks and blending back like I would a powder blush and it blended like a dream. I can’t get enough. 

Between The Sheets Contains 4.2 grams of product and costs $8.00 USD.

I feel like these products are foolproof to use. They are my new favorite cheek products and I honestly prefer them over all of my drugstore and high end blushes and highlighters. Thank you Colourpop! ❤️❤️❤️


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