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Colourpop Bronze and Contour on Fair Skin…Magical or Muddy Mess?

Hey guys! Happy Hump day! I’m continuing on with my review of my colourpop haul. The next products up are the bronzing and contouring products. I must say they fared pretty darn well on my oily, fair skin. 


This is “Bronze Me” by Colourpop. Retailing for $8.00 USD.

This is a cream to powder formula that claims to be longwearing, buildable and blendable. It also claims to be matte, which is hilarious because on the colourpop.com photo you can clearly see sparkles. The good news is the sparkles blend away to a mostly satin finish after blending it out.

I must say these blend like a dream. When I swatched it (see below) I feared for the worst. It almost looks orange, and there were chunky gold sparkles. When I blended it out on my skin with a brush, however, it became this beautiful sheer bronze that looked gorgeous. It is super easy to build up if you’re going for an extra bronze-y look. This also works with fingers and beauty blenders or any sort of sponge. I am in love. This would work best for Fair-Light-Medium skin tones in my opinion. If you’re a Medium to Dark skin tone, I don’t know how well this would show up as it is pretty sheer but it’s $8.00 so you could try it and if it doesn’t work you could use it as a gorgeous eyeshadow.

To apply this I took small blush brush with bristles that are a little more densely packed, (loose bristles won’t pick up or move the cream as well) and swirled it around the product and then starting from beneath my cheek bones I used gentle sweeping motions up and back to blend it across my cheeks and then on my temples going from my hairline towards the middle and lastly on my jawline from my jawbone up towards my cheek very slightly. You want to start where you want the product to be darkest (i.e. where the most shadow would naturally fall on your face) and blend from there.

I also tried just using my fingers by gently tapping the product onto my middle finger and then blending in the same directions and it blended out so effortlessly.

True to its name, here is “Aphrodisiac” by Colourpop. Retails for $8.00 USD as well.

If you have fair skin you NEED this like yesterday! It is so affordable and it is the perfect cool-toned sheer contour shade. It is also cream to powder, so easy to work with and very buildable which means you won’t look like you just played in mud.

To use this I took my Kat Von D Lock-it Edge Concealer brush, which is square and tapered slightly, like a triangle, on both sides and perfect to apply precise cream contour lines, and drew lines just under my cheek bones, around my hairline and temples on my forehead, on either side of my nose and just under my jaw line. Then I blended it out with a small stippling brush.

I also tried applying and blending with my finger which also worked amazingly.

(** Note this contouring method may not work for everyone, it depends on your face shape and what you want to accentuate on  your own face**)


Here are some swatches with Bronze me on the left and Aphrodisiac on the right. As you can tell, you can barely see Aphrodisiac after going over the swatch a couple times. I prefer a natural contour so this is right up my alley.

I wore both of these products all day and they did not budge! I powdered over everything with a light layer of translucent powder and didn’t apply any powder contour or bronze and these still showed beautifully through the powder and lasted all day. I am in love with these products! Thanks Colourpop!

If you want to see a tutorial with pictures or video on how to contour your face shape using these products (and/or other products like powders or high end) then let me know in the comment section down below or find me on Instagram, or twitter at mrssonnysideup.


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