Affordable Colourpop Liners, Yay or Nay?

About a week and a half ago a little birdy told me about a 20% off sale at Colourpop. I’d never tried anything from mystical affordable makeup brand everyone had been raving about so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll be reviewing everything in sections so first up are the liners. They retail for $5.00, after the 20% they came out to $4.00.

I purchased the four shades pictured below.


3856df9c-f9d5-4d72-b068-9516efa5cfa9Top to bottom is: Get Paid, Call Me, Fast Lane and Swerve.

Get Paid is a metallic rose gold.

Call me is a matte deep plum brown.

Fast Lane is a matte blackened teal.

Swerve is a matte black.

Get paid is super creamy and easy to work with. When I swatched it I barely had to touch my hand with the tip. It really accentuated the green in my hazel eyes, worked great in my waterline and as a chunky liner on my lid all by itself. I could seriously die for this shade. I can’t believe I only paid $4.00 for this.

Now the matte shades are a disappointingly different story. The shades are beautiful but I had to go over the same area multiple times to get pigment to show up. They are quite dry and were very scratchy. When I tried Call Me in my waterline it barely showed up at all.

I compared Swerve to some of my other black gel liners to test how black it really is, as I like my black liners REALLY intense black.


Top to bottom is Swerve by Colourpop, Perversion 24/7 Gel Liner by Urban Decay, Jet Black Slide On Pencil by NYX and Stingray Smudge Stick by Stila

The Colourpop pencil isn’t quite as black as Urban Decay, or Stila but it’s about the same as Nyx. It isn’t nearly as creamy and to get this amount of pigment I had to go over the swatch a few times with some significant pressure.


All in all I’d say if you’re looking for a great metallic liner that stays all day check out Colourpop’s liners. They have a total of 5 metallic liners in various brown-ish shades and one silver. If you’re looking for a matte gel liner pencil that is affordable, check out NYX. I love their Slide On Pencils, they’re super creamy and stay on all day. If you want the best Gel Liner, I’d have to go with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Gel Liners. They stay on all day, have awesome pigment and have more shades than you can shake a stick at.

Comment down below if you’ve tried Colourpop’s Liners and stay tuned for reviews on their cream shadows, pressed shadows, lip products and face products!

Check out the rest of Colourpop’s products here!



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