Easy way to get FREE STUFF!

As I was casually browsing the internet looking for a makeup fix I stumbled across a site boasting they would ship items free to your home. At first I thought it was a scam and I kept scrolling. Then I saw the name of the website again…and again… So I did some research, signed up…and got free stuff! I posted a link on Facebook to share my fantastic find and my Facebook friends started posting pictures of their free stuff too. What is this magical website? Influenster!

What is it?  Basically it’s like a social media website for products and reviews.

How does it work? First you sign up, answer some questions and connect all the social media you can. Then you receive an “impact score.” An impact score speculates how influential you are on social media. The higher your score; the more likely you are to receive free items. You then get “snaps” which ask you survey questions and ask you for reviews on related products along the way. You can also create lists, ask questions about products, ask for recommendations on products or answer questions. When you complete a few things you may get sent a “campaign.” This is your golden ticket. Keep reading. 😉

There are two types of campaigns:


This one is usually a contest. If you complete certain tasks you are entered to win a prize. Tasks may include posting a picture on social media, making a list or writing a review or all of the above. You should complete these as the more active you are with influenster the more likely you are to get free items.

The voxbox:

A “voxbox” is a box of free stuff. YAY! You will get an email to complete a survey to see if you are an appropriate match for a “voxbox.” If you get a confirmation email saying you’re in then you will receive a box of full-size free samples to try out and then give your honest opinion on. Items may be drugstore or high-end makeup or skincare, household item, healthcare items, even snacks! It is important you complete all of the tasks in the campaign if you want to keep earning more “voxboxes”. ***You must also disclose you received all the products free from influenster for testing purposes while posting about them on social media.*** This is important as not doing this could disqualify you from the program.

I received my first free voxbox about 2-3 weeks after I signed up with influenster which included; Yesto Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask,  It was so easy! If you’d like to give it a try my referral link is at the bottom.

Comment down below if you’re an influenster too!

 Sign up for Influenster

Sadie Enjoyed the SkinnyPop! 😆


4 thoughts on “Easy way to get FREE STUFF!

  1. I’ve been on Influenster for a while now and kept up with it all, but have yet to get anything. 😦

    One I have like and received from is PINCHme.

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